Are you Co-Creating or Trying To Fly Solo?



We are now experiencing a time of change and the change is that life is all about co-creation. Its not about going of solo with the stubborn 2 year old energy of “ill do it myself” its about co- creating and seeing life as a whole web of co creating opportunities.

For example if you attend a work shop that resonates with you, that is a co-creating process – the facilitator brings forth a message – you exchanges energy ( money) to hear the message – that is a co-creating process  In your relationships you are creating all the time . You each are giving and receiving and co creating new and more expanded versions of what existed before.

Life is meant to be fun, loving and flowing. Now is a great time to ask yourself am i open and flowing with the co-creative process or am I still trying to fly solo because I fear I will loose my freedom or I don’t want to be disappointed. That is history, now is the opportunity to open up and go for it. Be open to all that comes your way, check in with how it makes you feel and from there you will know if it is in alignment with what you desire.

There is only loving energy wanting to support your deepest desires, now is the time to step into the life you truly want and co-creating is the way to do that.


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