Just like when you want to clear your body of toxins we go on a food fast to clear out the heavy stodgy, low energy food residuals. This is how a media fast works also, it clears our mind of any negative, fearful opinions of others, to give you the space to create your own point of view. Like many in our Entrepreneurial community I have been on a media fast for many years. However of late a few things have slipped in from staying at other peoples homes, fortunately I am pretty good at leaving the room or even humming gently to drown out the noise but the other day one comment got through to the keeper and it was a great example of why i choose to keep my environment positive. It was a local news story that mentioned that a young man had been taken to hospital on a route that my eldest son had taken a couple of hours earlier. I immediately thought of my son Jakob, and hoped he was ok, the negative thought had slipped in and played on my mind until I sent him a goodnight text, of course he responded in his usual loving way.

This was a simple yet powerful example of why I choose to limit the media in my life to positive only, if I had not heard that news report my mind would not have gone down that “worry” path, causing unnecessary suffering. I am continuing to work on mastering my mind, I also choose to stack the odds in my favour and that’s why I choose positive uplifting media in my life.

How is your Vibration going, do you need to check what your mind is receiving?


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