Prior to becoming a part of the  Global community and working with our self study program I would set allot of my goals from my head, thinking I want this and that. The more I worked on me and really got to know and listen to my heart my goals are now all set from my heart, they are genuine goals that only I know why I want them and that makes me determined to achieve them. Every goal that came from my heart I have and will achieve.

I was having a mastermind recently and we got to discussing how we feel about our goals and I realised that my goals are like my babies – they are beautiful ( to me), precious, a little vulnerable and they deserve protecting, I would not just share my baby with anyone so too I keep my goals close to my heart, I don’t put them out there for anyone to criticise or make fun off. Our goals can also have us having to put in longer hours, at times wonder how we are ever going to realise them but because they are ours and we love them dearly we will do what ever it takes,

Since being a part of this amazing community of big thinkers my goals have expanded 10 fold, as I have continued to work on me and my stinking thinking what I believe is possible has exploded. Which brings me to humble gratitude – I am so grateful for the special woman in our community that when I share my goals with them, their response is “ go for it” , this is an incredible gift to have this level of belief and support, another reason why I love my network marketing community…

Are you protecting your Babies?


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