Laws of Attraction in Action



I have recently been sharing on my Facebook page about taking on a 30 day challenge to watch or listen to the The Secret for 30 days.

I have had some wonderful shares on my page and felt prompted to share a powerful story that I share in my LOA workshops.

Manifesting my Dream Home

I made a decision early into my marriage that I wanted to raise my children ( not yet born at that time) in the country, on a farm, I knew exactly the house I wanted and the sort of property I wanted, I would  spend time talking with my ex husband  about the house and we even drew up the design.

After our daughter was born we decided to leave the city and move to the country, we purchased a sweet home that needed renovating and set about to improve the property, we sold and bought, renovated a few times but never let the end goal move off our radar – to build our dream home on our a bush property. Just after our eldest son was born we found the 25 acres – it was perfect everything I had imagined except it was out of our price range, I did not allow that to sway me, I continued to imagine the our dream house on that property. I would spend many fun hours planning the gardens with passionate gardening girlfriend and kept believing.

Some time later, maybe 2 years, when I was just pregnant with our youngest son a miracle happened, somehow the price of the land was slashed by 2 thirds – instead of paying 300K + it was available for $100k+  we jumped on it and a little over a year later we were living in our gorgeous brick and cedar 5 bedroom dream.

I hope you picked up the important steps to manifesting what you desire..

* vision

* unwavering belief

* visualisation with feeling

* being open to miracles and receiving.

Do you have a manifestation story to share?


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