2014-10-16 14.19.27

Todays post is a bit of a stop and smell the roses moments.

As a self employed business woman planning, organisation and self  discipline are high on my priority list and I have a clearly planned out Daily Method of Operation that has me say no to social engagements at times, however today I chose to allow a little flexibility in my schedule, to be present in the moment.

My special moment ( well actually a 59 minute moment), my beautiful daughter who has been living in the UK for just over 6 months now called me to have a chat, it was one of those wonderful chats that just flowed from subject to another and the overall theme of the conversation was us supporting and sharing with each other about being strong, purpose driven woman and the effect of that on other people.

During our conversation I was overwhelmed with pride and gratitude that this inspiring and wise young woman is my daughter, I also saw in Elly the gifts that I struggled with for so long to acknowledge and negotiate she just nails and simply accepts.

I love my boys, more than words can say and they teach me much about masculine energy, Today I say “ I thank Heaven for little girls”.

Feeling blessed, humbled and enormously grateful.


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