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Recently I was faced with a tricky situation in a local cafe, when a disgruntled woman off loaded her pain and perspective on a situation in her life that I played a part in. At first I could not hear her words however the energy she was emitting relayed to me the pain she was experiencing. I sat in silence and stayed centred and gave her space to let it out even though I was feeling very uncomfortable by her public display.

Later that night after taking some action to address her behaviour,( bullying is not ok by me) as gently and compassionately as I could, I began to ask myself what was the message in this for me. What was this woman reflecting in her story that I could look at in myself. I saw she was telling a victim story, a story that she was being at the effect of life and not the cause, so I asked myself where was I displaying these qualities. Again, not easy questions to sit with however I find if I can confront these kinds of question, not to blame myself nor  self berate I can raise my bar on who and how I am being in the world. I am sure you have heard the saying “ magic/growth happens outside of your comfort zone”, and by removing the drama and “right/wrong from this uncomfortable encounter I was able to know myself a little more, to grow and expand a little further into me.

What stories are being reflected in your life?


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