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The theme I am hearing on our Training calls and on the other Personal Development I am reading or listening to is BE PRESENT – AS THAT IS WHERE THE GIFTS ARE.

It is so easy to be carried away from the present moment when we have a clear vision of our future and are constantly taking action towards those goals. However if we can also stay present in each and every moment ( that in itself is a goal) then we see and enjoy the gifts that are present.

Shane Krider has recently spoken about when talking with a clients– to be present and connected to really hear what they are sharing with us, we all know how awful it feels if the person we are speaking with is not present, not paying attention to what we are saying , its easy to feel invalidated, better to be present than need to get the words “right”.

Also acknowledging where we are – as I implement that concept into my life right now, I can acknowledge that I have not yet achieved my next goal of where I choose to live, however by stopping and acknowledging the gifts of where I am I can enjoy the rural view with cows, horses and butterflies out of my office window, I can acknowledge and value some deeper level of healing for my family and I can trust that everything is as it is meant to be and before long I will be in my new environment enjoying all the gifts that has to offer. If I was not present to my now, I would be missing all the gifts and healing.

How present are you?


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