This morning I had a lovely long Skype session with my daughter who lives in London. We were nailing down exact dates for my trip to the UK before our next live Event – all about wealth.

In a little over 3 months I will fly to London via Dubai to spend some time in the UK catching up with my daughter. The weekend before we depart Barcelona for our cruise my daughter and I  are spending the weekend in Portofino. My mother always said before she died she would spend eternity off the coast of Portofino. I have always wanted to visit the place she loved so much so it will be a special weekend followed by our fabulous cruise. .

In preparation as I will be in the UK for about a month I am doing extra advertising there as well as other similar time Zones another benefit of on-line business’s.

I am so excited for this trip – I wont have seen my daughter for 8 months, I visualise our reunion daily.

I feel such gratitude to have a business that is flexible and portable so I can travel the world, spend time with those I love and expand my knowledge. Talk about Heaven on Earth.


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