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When going after our goals it is  easy to get dissolution when things are not happening as we thought they might.  A building tip I remember is   “ things always cost more than your thought they would and take longer”

Another Game Changing tip I learned is :  FOCUS ON THE ACTIVITIES, NOT THE RESULTS.

By focusing on the activities, the steps you take towards your goal you feel more like a winner which feels a whole lot better, lighter and more fun than the alternative, Focusing on the results can lead to disappointment and self berating   and as we all know that is not a nice place to be living and as Abraham would say “ not on the high flying disc your need to be to attract positive results.By making the simple shift to focusing on the activities and not on the results we feel much more like a winner.

Let me give you an example:

Say The goal is to get fitter and let go of some excess weight.

Of course we know it took time to gain those extra kilos so it makes sense it will take time to shed them.  If on day one you focused on the results, you are going to be disappointed because very little evidence of change will appear,  where as if you focused on your Daily Method of Operation around your wellness goal, such as:

* did 30 minute work out

* stuck to my eating plan

* did some personal development ( as mindset is a big factor to long term success)

By focusing on the activities and not the results I am feeling better about myself, my confidence is strengthening and I am choosing more empowering, aligned steps towards my goals.

Do you see yourself as a winner?


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