Going back through departure section of my on-line program and revisiting my North Stars coupled with hearing my mentor  point out a powerful distinction on one of our  training calls got me digging a little deeper. The distinction my mentor shared was ( I’m Para phrasing) “ Our thoughts create our beliefs, to change your belief, change your thoughts, just change your thought” wow, pretty simple really. Oh course to change anything, awareness is the first step. What has really assisted me to create that awareness is to pay attention to the word tracks running through my mind and looking at my North Stars ( words to live by). I have had a personal North Star for a while and knowing that our lives take on a whole new meaning when we shift the focus from me,me,me to how can I best serve, I discovered a new North Star for my contribution to our world. “ Positively Impacting The Lives Of Many”

Its not important what the words mean to any one else, what is important is what they mean to me and that they resonate with me. I have found when discovering my True North Stars – I play with the words and then I get a body response when I hit on the perfect words that are in alignment with me.

Since making a commitment to myself and my business this year,  to achieve the success I so deeply desire, already many things have changed for the better and now guided by my 2 powerful North Stars I can continue to move forward and know I am in alignment with my truth and that to me is Freedom.

So getting back to our beliefs – by purposely directing my thoughts towards alignment with my North Stars – my life is moving in the direction I desire it to go.

What Beliefs are you changing by changing your thoughts?


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