Having set my goals for 2015 and recommitted ( everyday) to achieving them, I have looked at decreasing negativity and increasing positivity. I have blogged about looking closely at my inner circle.

This blog is focused on the information that I feed my mind with and increasing.

I am listening  everyday to Personal Development and marketing training call,  I also have both my iPhone and iPod filled with alchemy calls and the Audios from our Online program as well as other audio books.

I have chosen to fill my day with positive messages and information.

In recent months I have listened to –

What I know for Sure – Ophrey Winfrey

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, – Robert Kiyosaki

No Excuses – Brian Tracy

Excuses Begone –Dr  Wayne Dyer

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

The 8th Habit – Stephen Covey

I listen and re-listen as there is always something to learn.

What have you been reading/listening to that you would recommend.


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