I have written about the importance of Journaling before and it is such a powerful tool that I feel a reminder is in order.

I see journaling as a habit of a successful and on purpose individual.

When we choose to write, a different part of brain is engaged to when we simply think about things and this allows us to access deeper and different aspects to any subject.

I have heard often, from both men and woman “ I don’t know how to journal”, I think this can become an issue when people think they are writing for someone other than themselves. Your journal is your private place to write whatever you choose, its that place where you can off load anything, it doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or even to be spelt correctly, you can rant as much as you like, not that I suggest you make a practise of writing negatively but sometimes you do need to just get it off your chest and then you can get to a new level of understanding of yourself. That is the point of journaling, to get to know you, intimately.

For me Journaling has been a daily practise for more years than I can remember and it continues to enlighten me to as what is on my mind and in my heart that is often buried beneath a whole lot of mind chatter.

A Journaling Exercise:

To get things flowing is to sit in a quiet place where you know you wont be disturbed with pen and paper and write “ How do I feel” and then just write, unedited for  3minutes ( longer if you are more practised).This is not a time to over think, just write.

Once you get the hang of journaling will you less and less need to discuss issues with others and will have mastered the beautiful benefit of masterminding with yourself. Working things through with yourself builds your self reliant muscle.

Journaling questions

* How do I feel at this moment or how do I feel about ……. e.g Journaling

* What challenged me today and why

* What am I grateful for and why.

* What delighted me.

The month of February is a great month to set yourself a challenge to Journal everyday and create a new and powerful habit.

How do you find Journaling as a practise?


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