Do’s & Don’ts to EmPower a Loved One During Adversity.

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There are times in our life when someone we love is faced with a challenge, it may be a health, career or relationship challenge and we can be left feeling helpless.

Here are some empowering do and don’ts during these times:


Group Meditation

Organise a group of common friends to meditate with our without your friend with the intention of the desired outcome. For instance – if your friend is dealing with Cancer – the group intention would be to see your friend well, happy and healed. You can do this by physically meeting once a week or you can do virtually by coming together over Skype or conferencing or even just in your own homes and setting a specific time to light a candle and all listen to the same recorded meditation. You can also visit a local monetary or temple for a different meditation experience.

Messages of Love

Let you friend know how valued they are by creating a cooking circle – where a roster is created to supply meals cooked with healing loving vibrations.

Divert There Attention

Organise a chick flick evening – choose a funny or uplifting movie and all hang out. We all need a break from the reality so helping them to shift perspective is wonderful. Laughter is a wonderful for raising our vibration as are movies such as Louise Hay “ You can Heal Your Life”, Anything By Esther Hicks “ Abraham teachings” The Secret By Rhonda Byrne.


Rescuing – a no,no.

* No one needs rescuing – we are not victims – this is their journey and they are responsible for their transformation, not you, your role is support. If you liken it to birth – the mother has to do the labour – the support people are there to encourage and offer the space for their birthing journey.

Take Care of You

* Keep your own energy and vibration high – do not give at the expense to your self –

This is not a Soap Opera

* Don’t add energy or drama – speak only of what you want to see for them – health,abundance,happiness and wellness – this is not a time for hours and hours of talking or thinking of how bad this situation is. If you find it on your mind – send them love and light and move on.

Can You Add To The List?

Rather than make this list go and on – let us hear from you, do you have other suggestions as to how best to support a friend?

My Personal Experience

I will finish with one personal story my beautiful daughter did for me after I left my 27 year marriage and was feeling pretty raw. It was mothers day coming up so my beautiful Elly told me to come and spend the weekend with her, to pack only cloths I felt fabulous in and a few difference out fits.

I arrive on Friday night and was greeted by a glass of red wine and instructions to go  and soak in the candle lit bath whilst dinner was prepared, we then had a lovely healthy dinner, Salmon ( my favourite) and watched a chick flick. The next day we dressed and headed towards the harbour where we caught a ferry into the city ( that was a treat in itself) and then arrived at the Hilton hairdressers for a new do, it felt amazing to be pampered in this way, we then had a lovely evening eating out at a trendy bar and the next day Elly had organised for her brothers to meet us at a beautiful location for a picnic.

That was one of the most exquisite weekend’s of my life and I felt so loved and honoured. It will live in my heart for ever.


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