I have heard from several  sources, worthy sources – that your success is greatly effected by the people you spend the most time with. As a person who loves to assist others – which in the past at times boarded on martyrdom and as a “look for the best in people” I have grappled with this concept however more recently I decided  to tighten up my circle of influence.

Having experience some pretty full on negativity in my past I had a allowed myself to think that if a person wasn’t abusive then they were acceptable, that if they said they wanted success and they seemed to be “trying” that was ok. As I have continued to work on my self through our online program and having the commitment to putting me first I have come to realise that that unless someone is walking their talk and is as committed to their success as I am then I must minimise the contact  I have with them– reason being they simply think smaller, they haven’t yet cleared away their own stinking thinking and limitations. I have discovered by staying in constant contact with them what happens is either conflict – due to different vibrations or compromise.

As neither of those we an option for me the best course of action was simply to walk away.

Walking away can be in the form of , leaving the conversation and keeping your own vibration high or packing your bags and literally leaving. Now I am not suggesting that leaving a relationship  is the option for everyone and that decision does require considerable contemplation. For me since making that decision to walk away, my life and and my energy is opening up and expanding in wonderful ways – its like everyday is an adventure. I know the dance of should I or shouldn’t I very well. What I ask myself when I am hanging on to a relationship that doesn’t;t feel right is “ what am I afraid of” the answer can be very revealing. What I know fir sure is that when we find the courage to do the thing we are afraid of, the universe rushes in to assist.

So Sometimes, you just have to walk away.

Added Note: I would not have the courage and strength t make these changes with the love and support of Elly,Jakob and Jesse and I would not have realised my potential without my commitment to my personal growth..


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