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Being in flow, in alignment, in the Vortex, vibrating at the place of loving what you do and knowing you are right were you are meant to be – feels amazing. 

I have been fortunate enough to have been in this place at different times through out my life, however over the last 4 years it has been more of a in and out experience, some great days and some not so great ones. During this time I have continued to journal and work on myself – . Surrounding myself with audios and videos of entrepreneurial or personal growth nature and visualising.

The shift came, I believe from making a bold decision, a decision I had been dancing with for some time. I didn’t follow through on what my instincts were telling me and I allowed fear and doubt to creep in until, I engaged with that part of myself that said “ ENOUGH” and from there things started to shift. The shift came as a bit of chaos first of all, however I knew that was the universe realigning.

Each day I am feeling present to what I am guided towards, meaning the action steps I should take towards my current, most pressing goals and then completing my Daily Method Of Operation in a new format, one that works well for me. Its like all my ducks are lined up and I am energised, excited and completely knowing “ all is well”. Gifts and loving support are coming from all directions and I am smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

Here are my Tips for Getting Your Ducks In A Line:

* Journal –  assists you to stop talking about what you don’t like and helps to let go of blame and take more responsibility and discover what you do want.

* make a vision board and look at it often and dream into how it feels

* visualise – do this as often through out your day as you can – it helps keep your vib up

* Surround yourself with positive inspiring people that encourage you, eliminate negativity.

* take care of your self – eat well, plenty of rest, plenty of water and supplements if needed

* move your body – walking and yoga is wonderful

* when doubt comes in, drown it out with happy music, an uplifting audio book, cd or YouTube video.

* take action every day towards your goals – small steps are fine..

* get yourself a program to work with, a coach or mentor or join groups on social media that are encouraging and uplifting.

You deserve to live the life you have always desired.


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