One of the early exercises in Departure in our online course is to ‘ Mark this day”. To celebrate the journey ahead and to honour the commitment to changing your life. I can vividly remember exactly who I was and where i was when I did this the first time – that was back in 2010. I don’t recall what I did for this exercise however i do recall what I have thrived through since that day. Our program  has guided me through an end to my 30year marriage, bankruptcy and the death of my mother, ( 2010) was a big year. What I am so grateful for revisiting this exercise is firstly – I survived but secondly that I have come home to myself – that is the gift of working on yourself and in particular this program.

The exercise suggests jumping out of plane to mark the day – that’s not me – what i did do was to revisit a place I love and have not been for many years. A beautiful place of the south coast of New South Wales where the water is turquoise and the sand is pure white.

I packed my picnic, my journal and my book and off i went. Firstly I enjoyed a beautiful soak in the water and then I reflected on all the happy times I spent with my 3 beautiful children here as they were growing up. It reminded me of the abundance I had back then and reminded me of how I created all of that – it reignited a part of me that had been pushed back due to so much letting go.

I decided to book myself a little holiday so I can enjoy more of this place I love.

What I really got from this exercise and implementing it is that my Universe continues to Expand thanks to working on myself..


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