Coaching Coaches–Self Worth



Something I hear often , usually from new coaches is their struggle with how much to charge or that they have some issue around receiving payment for their coaching sessions. This all has to do with self esteem and it is a challenge we all face in some form in our coaching practise.

Let me offer you a point of view that may assist.

Image you are a teenager beginning their first job lets say at a takeaway business. As a rookie employee they come in not knowing very much at all and they have to learn by being trained on the job. An important thing to note is that they get paid, albeit at the lower level but they get paid and as they strengthen their knowledge and gain experience they receive a higher rate of pay.

Transfer that analogy to your coaching practise – you have already done your initial training – and you are now a rookie coach but you should expect to be paid.

In my experience coaches get anywhere from $50 an hour through to multiple thousands of $ an hour. I suggest you start $10 higher than the first amount you think of. As you build your client base and your expertise you can alter your rate. Be careful not to shoot over a figure that resonates with for you as that can be a form of sabotage.

A great tip is – get some support if this is causing you discomfort – there is potential to turn your difficulty in you diamonds here.

Being a great coach means walking your talk – self educating and getting support either from another coach or a mastermind group.

Let me know your thoughts in comments.


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