What is an Entrepreneur and Why Be One.



An entrepreneur is a free spirit, a man or woman who doesn’t wait to be told, they are Inspired and driven by passion and desire. They are the person in a group  that says “ lets do this”. They are leaders who are prepared to step outside of their comfort zone, who don’t allow the fear of criticism to stop them. They are prepared to pave a new path and to shine a light for others to live by.

Being an entrepreneur is an attitude, a way of being. You don’t have to be self employed to be an entrepreneur, in fact in the right organisation an entrepreneurial employee is a massive asset to any company. An entrepreneurial employee goes in early, gives 110% and always looks for more opportunities to do more, to be more, they thrive on being the best they can be.

An entrepreneur has courage, they step away from the herd and they make things happen, they take risks and they see life as a game, some you win some you loose.

The down fall of the entrepreneur is if they take results  too personally, when they allow a rejection or an avenue that doesn’t work, too heart as if they are wrong. An entrepreneur requires a slightly thickened skin so they can learn from what didn’t work and move forward more empowered, with more knowledge.

If it wasn’t for entrepreneurs we would not have even the simple things we take for granted in our homes, no refrigerator, no TV, no IPod, or IPhone, electricity, as so on.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 15 – my first venture was a home baking business when I was in college. My entrepreneurism was encouraged by my mum, she was the one who sowed the seed for for my first venture. I guess she saw from an early age that I was not your “ conforming “ type of child.

I love being an entrepreneur with its ups and downs and I love to encourage others who see this for themselves.

Have your dreamed of being an entrepreneur but haven’t taken the step or maybe you have – please share what you love about being an entrepreneur.


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