Since early  2010 when I started my Network Marketing Business  one of the tips that I learned, and implemented  was to always be prepared to offer my  Home Business Opportunity and my Coaching by having a marketing kit in my car – so no matter where I travel I always can seize the opportunity to do some low cost marketing.

My Marketing Kit is a lidded plastic storage box about 80cm long x 30cm wide x 15cm high.

What I carry in my marketing kit:

* Yellow corflute – already cut to size  for bandit signs

* thick Black permanent market

* whole punch

* cable ties

* drop cards – with business website

* post it notes –

* flyers

* Pull tabs

* drawing pins

I love these low cost marketing options that I can do when I am out and about – always leaving a paper trail in car parks or doing a letter box drop or face to face and putting up bandits signs. The universe loves action and this sends a strong message that I am serious about what I do.


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