As part of a course that I recently completed we are required to create a community project, called an Action, In, Motion project, a major work if your like, My AIM project was inspired by a beautiful young woman called Danielle. Some time ago I noticed Danielle, a local young mother who was challenged with disease in her physical body. I was touched by her journey and sent her loving kindness often in my morning meditation. Months past and I had not seen Danielle around until one day I noticed her and her beautiful husband in a local cafe and it was clear that her challenge had intensified. I was moved by what felt an inspired idea to gift Danielle a book I had not long finished reading and approached her husband and asked if it would be ok for me to send  the book to Danielle.Paul, Danielle’s loving husband was open to the gift and gave me their postal address, I went home and immediately posted the book, anonymously. A few weeks later I received a Facebook message from Danielle saying she has received and read the book that was gifted to her by a stranger and was grateful as it changed her whole perspective on her disease. Some months later Danielle let go of her physical body.

Danielle’s journey and message inspired me to create my AIM project and to do so in her honour. The project is Changing lives, one book at a time. Since beginning this project earlier in 2014 I have gifted books and audio books to homeless people, to  people who appeared to be challenged in some way and to budding entrepreneurs. My own life’s perspective was changed by reading a book when I was in my 30’s and my hope by gifting these books is that it may be a piece to bring them another point of view and to empower them in some way.

I will continue my project Changing Lives, One Book at a time in Danielle’s memory.


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