One of the success principles that I love and has had a big impact on my vibration and over all self esteem is counting my wins.

I have done this consistently for a couple of years, I report 10 wins a day to my wins buddy – 5 days a week.

It is also a great practise to notice how far you have come – I know  I have spoken about this in previous posts however I feel it bears repeating as it is easy to get into the desire mode, the goal setting mode and strive for what we want to create which is awesome, but we must also acknowledge what we have achieved, what was once a desire and now a reality, or as Abraham would say, what was once in your vortex and you drew it to you. This is the appreciating part, and the wonderful uplifting feeling that arises as we do this sends out a strong message to the universe of what brings us joy and as we live in a friendly universe we create more and more of what brings us joy and the universal vibrational match to that sends us more of what we appreciate and we have more to appreciate- pretty magical ha?

What do you appreciate today that was once a desire?


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