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A couple of months ago I was recommended the book  What I Know For Sure by Ophrey Winfrey, I love this book and on my second listen through ( audio book) I really heard the part where Ophrey shared an exercise she did when she got out the bath and in front of a full length mirror, rather than wincing as she usually did ( can you relate? – I know I can) she began being grateful for all the individual parts of her body. This was a turning point for me – I have long struggled with loving my body – I have had moments of it but overall I have struggled with my body image. My nick name at school was “ Porky Pig” – kids can be mean, and if my sister ever wanted to riel me up she just had to call me fat. On reflection I was a little chubby but that cute chubby that wasn’t detrimental.  I went on to make myself physically sick taking fat reducing tablets at the age of 15 – I have just carried a poor self image for a long time, however Ophrey’s words offered me a beautiful new point of view.

I took up the challenge – now when I step out of the shower and in front on the mirror I say out loud what I am grateful for about my body – it goes a little like this.

I am grateful for my eyes – they show love and sincerity and allow me to enjoy the view of the world.

I am grateful for my arms that allow me to do all of my daily tasks and to hug my loved ones.

I am grateful for my beautiful round tummy with its evidence of the 3 beautiful children I carried.

I am grateful for my strong legs that allow me to enjoy bush walking that I love so much.

The exercise continues – but you get the flow.

I offer the opportunity to any of you who may not be appreciating your beautiful temple that houses your soul, men as well, to give this exercise a go and see and feel  for yourself how divine you are.


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