I am  extremely grateful for the role that personal development has played in my life changing. I have worked with a wonderful self study program for over 4 years and I am delighted at the changes that I have made one day at a time, one concept and new distinction at a time.

Prior to working with this program ( ask me for more details via the comments) and even though I had been a student of Personal Development for many years, I was playing a supporting role – supporting everyone else to achieve what they wanted in their life, supporting my mother, my father, my kids ( I love this role), supporting my then husbands business, the list goes on – I had a limiting belief that to live an altruistic life you supported, choosing a supporting role had me feeling like Cinderella, the scullery maid, lower self Cinderella, not her higher self, princess – fast forward to being a passionate student of Beyond Freedom and I am definitely producer, director and preparing for my lead role debut.

This new freedom to be me and following my heart and going after my dreams has me super excited for what 2015 will bring and what I will feel delighted and grateful for this time next year. I know for sure my continued self development and my network marketing business will be on top of the gratitude list.

Have you always been the lead role in your life, if not when did you decide to be?


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