Create The Best Me By How You Begin Your Day.



Over the past few weeks I have been working on setting for for a “ Fabulous and Fun” 2015. I have been doing extra personal development and looking at what can I do better – I have also gotten to that place where I am no longer prepared to take the slow boat. I am in action to create a what I deeply desire.

As we all know visualisation – the pictures we see are vital to the creation process – actually this process is in place, its happening for everyone – its just that most people are creating what they don’t want by the pictures they are holding in their mind.

It is important to start and end your day well – even if you get off track a bit during – you can bring it all back by increasing your vibration through visualisation. Starting your day in a positive way and setting the high vib to begin is important and then if you have a chance during the day to listen to something positive or view your vision board , you will pick it up again. Ending your day well and setting your mind in a positive creating what you desire space before going to sleep is also a great practice.

As part of my commitment I came across a fabulous tool called mind movies –   mind movies is a tool that creates a video with the pictures of what you want to create and adds music to it to evoke the emotion – very clever. I have done this in the past using different video software and it was great – where I fell down was not committing to watching regularly. I have now set myself a new challenge for 90 days to watch my vision video every morning and every night..

How is your vision board/movie looking?


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