Albert Einstein — ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

Our Imagination is is a precious tool that has somehow coped a negative wrap. I have often heard people remark about their perceived inability to visualise. As meditation and visualising is no 2 on my 6 daily activities of success this is dear to my heart.

Visualising is using  your imagination. Its simply allowing ourselves to meander down the garden path of our future life and enjoying ( feeling) how wonderful our life can/will be when we take the consistent action to ground( materialise) the pictures we have created. We must first see it, have the vision before we can :have it” making the picture is the when it is created, that is the first step in manifestation, its why vision boards are such a great tool, they remind us of what we have created, imagined and what we are acting on to materialise.

Tip on vision boards – you are imagining what it feels like to have achieved the goal you set for self.

As children we could have been chastised for “ day dreaming” and told we were wasting time .As conscious creators we know having a vision for our future is essential. I echo the words by Dr Wayne Dyer “ Put a Do Not Disturb Sign on Your Imagination”, don’t allow anyone to  influence this wondrous ability and have fun creating your future.

Like anything – the more you allow yourself to imagine – the more there is to imagine.

Do you allow your imagination to run wild?



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