Eat, Pray, Love again –



I honestly can’t tell you how many times I have watched this movie – it has been my “ go to” since my world feel apart in 2010. There are days when everything just seems “ too much” and yesterday was one of those days – it started with a challenging conversation with my daughter over Skype – I had a similar conversation the day before with my eldest son and then the day ended with another challenging conversation from my youngest son – don’t get me wrong I am all for my kids speaking their truth – I encourage them to do so – when all 3 seemed to have a similar theme I knew it was time to unplug – and look within. As part of that I decided to watch Eat Pray Love again and this time with new eyes and ears – as if I was watching for the first time ( a challenge when I could almost recite every line). I decided to write down the sections that brought up emotion for me – here’s what stood out –

* I need to create a new box – with items of what I want for my future

* Finalise my divorce

* buy something just for me

* stop trying to make a relationship work

* be grateful for love

* FORGIVE MYSELF – this is a biggy – still tears as I write this

* God dwells inside of me as me

* If I am willing to face and forgive myself the truth will not be with held.

So with the assistance of E,P,L, I begin again today with renewed purpose and acceptance and a list of things to attend to.

Thank you Elizabeth Gilbert.


2 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love again –

  1. Hi Kym

    Excellent post, my goodness you are brave sharing that much with the world.

    Goodness in so many ways, we seem to mirror each other. Different forms of challenges, some similar, but the timing often feels so close.

    I’m up for a coffee / wine conversation anytime if you ever want a friendly, but distant shoulder. You are always there for me. Even knowing that helps, even if I don’t contact you, and just deal with stuff. I know you are there if really needed.
    One of these days we will meet in person, and I will be able to give you a big thank you hug!
    You are such an amazing lady, with such huge heart energy, I think that is part of it. You have so much love and willingness to share. The heart energy leaves you open to being more vulnerable, open, and you feel deeper than many others.
    I can’t say enough, how glad I am that we have connected. You know they talk about the chaos before the next breakthrough, maybe this is the point you are at. I’m deep in chaos!
    Hugs from a snowy Canada!*;;) batting eyelashes

    Warm Regards,
    Irene Clarke

  2. Irene – I am so hubbled and warm by your words – you are so inspiring and I feel truly blesses that our paths have crossed. I do look forward to being on the same time zone so we can both enjoy a cocktail together. Much love and abundant success.

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