You Don’t Have to Be Special , You Have to Be Committed.



Listening to one of our live training calls ( one of the reasons our Home Business Model is so successful) I heard a prospect say “ I’ve tried MLM and I was no good at that – it takes a special person to succeed in those business’s. It got me thinking – do you have to be special to succeed? what is special anyway? What I have come to know for myself having worked my Home Business for over 4 years – you don’t have to be special to succeed, you have to be committed. Committed to your learning curve ( this varies greatly from person to person), committed to doing the simple steps day in day out, at first it can feel like hard work but as you gain some momentum it becomes fun to watch what actions create results, committed to be on every, I mean every training call – this shows the universe you are committed, and here is a big clue – you commit to working on yourself, not just scratching the surface but really working on yourself – this can be challenging however the rewards are amazing.

The exciting part is that no matter who you are or were you have been anyone can be successful, not just in the Home Business Industry but in any area of life to create succuss you must be committed.

Commitment begins with a decision and anyone is capable of making that decision, any age, any stage of life, its never to late. so you see you don’t have to be special But are you COMMITTED?


2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be Special , You Have to Be Committed.

  1. So true Kym. There is a huge mindset difference between arranging our schedule so we can make every training call vs making it only to those calls that fit our schedule. Well done on your level of commitment.

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