“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn



I have heard over and over again through all the forms of Personal Development I do  how the people you surround yourself with significantly effect your results and I have always agreed – it makes sense.

Recently whilst Tuning in on a bush walk – the penny dropped as to why this is true – the message was clear – when we are surrounded by like minded folk, people on a similar path to us we feel all the positive emotions like respect, empowerment, purposeful, at cause, loving, generous and so on ( this is the vibrational aim not just for ourselves but for our world – the more love we put out into the world the more love there is – ) if we are surrounded by people who don’t see what we see, are sceptical, are sufferers, small gamers etc then we can experience emotions on the negative side and we either end up feeling wrong, frustrated or  attempting to convince them or justify ourselves, certainly not the vibrational match of a successful person, it makes achieving a high vibration allot harder work.

Doing a Personal Development Program, reading self education books and watching inspiring videos daily will assist to get us back on the positive side.

As we climb up the success ladder there are fewer people the higher you go – so learning to see the perfection in your discernment is an empowering thing.

I have set myself another challenge for NOvember – saying NO to negativity. I am committed to up my Personal Development – increase my exercise – Only watch empowering or funny movies – no TV, saying NO to others drama and opening up my diary to allow for more time to achieve my business goals.

Who are you hanging out with?


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