Self Love–A Divine Message to the Universe.

2014-10-26 14.04.44


After  recently hosting a personal development mastermind call I decided to go back and revisit the topic I was speaking about “ Tearing Down the walls of Limitation”  we looked at applying a list of core values like loyalty, commitment, honesty, growth etc to areas’ of our lives – what really stood out for me was that I was not really applying some of the significant  values like loyalty, commitment, authenticity etc to myself, well not deeply anyway – this was a little shocking to me.

Syncronistically I listened to the recommended reading book for this month” What I know for Sure” by Oprah Winfrey – this illuminated the messages I was getting from the Tearing Down The Walls exercise  – about self love. Oprah’s story offered me an understanding of why I had  certain limitations about self honouring in place. The combination of these 2 Points of view had me make some new and very powerful decisions – I am the most important person in my life – I am the main character of my movie and I decide the roles I play – wow – feels empowering even typing those words out loud. To mark my new found love for myself and to let the universe know this is my new MO, I chose to tick another of my bucket list items and got a beautiful henna tattoo to remind myself of my choices. 

If I am not sending the message of I am worthy and I am deserving to the universe how can I possible expect the universe to align with those values.

What message are you sending the universe?


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