You Truly Can Make a Difference–Send Love.

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I was recently having a conversation with my daughter and we were discussing all the chaos and cruelty that is happening in the world currently – I don’t watch nor read the news however the big stuff filters in through social media – we  were discussing some of the atrocious behaviour that is happening and how difficult it is to digest such cruelty. I agree that it is just awful however I know what we focus on, add energy to we bring more of that about and that is not going to assist the suffering. I reminded my daughter that we as individuals can make a difference and a way to meet this kind of chaos is to send more love, to be love, to consciously focus on loving kind thoughts and not on the fear and drama. Of course we need not bury our heads in the sand but not linger in long conversations adding to the drama and chaos.

I have set myself a challenge to do The Loving Kindness meditation each day for the month of October and I believe this is my small way to make a difference to the loving energy in the world.

Feel free to join me in the challenge.


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