Celebrate Your Wins –

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We have a little less than a third of the year left so its a great time to stop and reflect on your goals.

Where are  you in relation to what you set out to achieve this year.?  Are you on track, where do you need to course correct, where do you need to up your activity and what have you already achieved.

Its easy as we get busy in life to not stop and fully recognise our achievements – it is important to celebrate your wins. I have a wins buddy – we have been sharing our wins with each other 5 days a week for almost 2 years. Each day we send up  10 wins that we have achieved for the day ( we use Skype for this as we are on opposite sides of the world. This assists to keep me success focused and to not let the little things slip by uncelebrated.

Sometimes when you achieve a goal that you have been working towards for a while there can be an underwhelming feeling and not the elation you may have anticipated. This is where the thrill of the challenge is all part of the journey. I have experienced this for myself and this is when I pull myself up – have a little reality check and honour the achievement. Every goal, big and small is worth acknowledging and celebrating.

How do you celebrate your wins?


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