Being Out in Nature offers great Insights.

One of my favourite leisure time activities is to bush walk. The Australian bush has been a great companion of mine since I was a little girl, I always felt “ at home” in the bush.

Last Sunday we took off to get some nature – we had had a week of rain so it was nice to smell the damp bush and be out in it. We visited one of our regular spots, a beautiful waterfall.

We had not set out with the intention to do a long nor challenging walk due to the weather however once we were out there and enjoying ourselves we decided to push on – on the particular walk we were on there were different options, short and easy, and up scaled to a few kilometres with steep steps. I was feeling good and enjoying the opportunity to move my body so we decided to keep going, we soon went beyond where all others were stopping on that day – due to the wetness under foot I imagine – as we were climbing down a steep set of very wet rock steps I asked myself  and my partner were we being crazy – taking too great a risk – encouraged by my partners response that we would be mindful we continued on and I am so glad we did. We ended up right down beside a lovely waterfall and what can only be best described as a faery glen. I am a lover of all things enchanting so I was so delighted.

2014-08-24 14.55.35

On our walk back I got to thinking of the similarity of our walk and  achieving our goals–  to achieve goals we have to set off in the direction of the goal, to be open and tuned in ( be present), to not be stopped by fear, to continue to put in the effort, take the next step and the rewards will be delightful.

Do you enjoy the messages from Nature?


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