Remember Your Success’s.


Today is my eldest sons 25th Birthday and whilst today is all about celebrating the beautiful man he is I also take a moment to reflect on his arrival earth side and how empowering his birth story is as part of my story.

For me birthing my babies, all 3, have been  the most empowering times of my life. I chose exactly how I wanted them to come into the world, I engaged my intuition , and honoured it – I trusted the knowing in me that told me –  the same energy that allows us the miracle of creating another life would also create the way for those miracles to be birthed, I shut out all naysayers and knew this was a journey for my baby and me.

When I am going through adversity and I cant see the “forest for the trees” I remind myself of my birthing journeys and the success principles I organically applied, backed by fierce mother energy( strong desire) so I can engage those qualities again and remind myself that anything truly is possible.

Everyone has a strong success story that can fuel their current dreams – what is yours?


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