Home is Where My Heart Is.


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I have often thought the universe gives (gifts) us experiences to guide us towards our purpose, our personal legend as Paulo Coelho says in the Alchemist. Earlier today I was hosting a mastermind call where we were discussing a Topic from our at home study course – the topic was all about the magical, mystical part of life, that universal support that makes life so thrilling and exciting, when we choose to view it  from that vantage point. It’s the wonderful universal support – when you have clearly defined desires, we are taking the action steps towards those desires – we are vibrating high by eating well, fuelling your mind with empowering information, expanding away from any limiting beliefs and doing more of what makes your heart sing.

I was sharing with the listeners some examples of times in my life when this has clearly shown up and thrilled me in the most unexpected ways – the story I shared was my youngest sons Home Birth Story. After the call one of my team members  reflected back to me a sentence that again thrilled me as I had not connected the dots as she did so beautifully.

The sentence she shared was “ Home-birth, Home-School, Home- Cooking, Home–Business – you are my kind of woman”.

Like I said I had not connected the dots up like that – I am a passionate mother who through my own experience as a “latch Key Kid” decided to be a present mother, because of that decision I created the most uplifting environment I could for my 3 children, I also wanted to create my own income so I created a home business that allowed me to work around my children and from that experience my coaching focus is to support other woman who want to work from home. So home truly is where my heart is.

What are you passionate about and do you allow it to guide your life?


2 thoughts on “Home is Where My Heart Is.

  1. Hey there,

    I am passionate about living a predominantly stress free life and yes, I absolutely allow that to guide me through this ride x-D


    1. Hi Staci,
      Thank you for stopping by, am delighted you enjoyed my post and love your comment to hear that you enjoy a harmonious life. Obviously you have worked out a successful recipe, good for you. Abundant Blessings, Kym

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