Commit your Desires/Goals to Paper.


2014-07-28 13.40.55

All the great leaders and successful entrepreneurs say the same thing – write your goals down.

Rereading Think and Grow Rich – in chapter 2 Napoleon Hill gives a directive to clearly define the amount of money you want, by when, what you will give in return, your plan and to read it out loud on rising and retiring each day – accompanied by feeling how it feel to have achieve your goal.

So people fail to do this – commit their goals – clearly defined to paper and review often – by so doing it keeps your goals on your radar – it reminds you why you are doing what you are doing – and will assist you when the obstacles show up.

In the photo included you can see my goals written down – I wrote that on 8.7.09 – just over 5 years ago when I was doing my Success Coaching training with Jack Canfield. I have carried that little piece of paper in my wallet and read it regularly since then.

So how have I done?

I am authentically happy

I am a wonderful, honest, respectful relationship with each of my 3 children

I have a wonderful supportive, loving partner

I am joyously sharing my knowledge on social media, through my blogs and with my team

Financially I have made more money in a single day than I use to in a month, and I am well on my way to earning more in a month than I did in a year.

Please don’t think this all happening easily and quickly – it most certainly did not – during that time I have experienced adversity –   I know the adversity has assisted me to live more authentically and to align myself with my true desires.

Do you commit your goals to paper?


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