Think and Grow Rich–Napoleon Hill




Recently I decided to reread this classic and brilliant book on the principles required for success.

I have read and conducted weekly study groups with this material many times over, however I have not read it for some time,

As I began to read the pages that are so familiar to me I had a very different experience – I was reading the information shared with a whole new level of clarity. Obviously I have expanded in my thinking and the depth of understanding of these principles had become a whole lot more exciting and accessible.

Within the first few chapters the information is invaluable to creating success – the story of the little girl whose determination was so engaged that she did not waver under the threat of a angry man. That there is a golden nugget that if implemented into your own life will have you achieving your goals.

We truly are powerful beings capable of extraordinary things – it does require effort, clarity, determination, burning desire etc.

If you have not read this book I highly recommend it and if you have – how long has it been since you have deepened your appreciation for Napoleon Hills wise words?


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