Rising To Greater Heights –



I recall hearing on a training call that one of leaders in our company had  used the principles in our On- line Personal Empowerment Program to first sort out her finances and once that was sorted she then applied these same principles to other areas of her life.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to concentrate on certain areas of my life in finer detail. I decided to look at money as my first area. I began applying each principle of BFE to the area of money and finance. I looked what I knew to be true about my beliefs around money, I wrote a north star and added compass headings , I looked at where I needed to leave the heard  and my decision making process and the actions I was and wasn’t taking.

When I put a particular area of my life under the spot life it is as if all the sediment ( everything that is not wanted) floats to the surface, I use to see this as red lights, I now see this as conformation I am shifting the energy. Doing this process some murky stuff  came up from my past which has allowed me to make some powerful decisions and release some feelings of responsibility from my past that where weighing me down, they were a burden I didn’t realise I was carrying.

The freedom of this beautiful release made me feel like I was in a hot air balloon that had just throw some weight over board and I was lifted to even greater heights.

I am again in deep gratitude for our amazing community and program that allows me to continue to be more fully myself.

What are you allowing to weigh you down?




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