Being Your Own Guru –



I attended an amazing call this morning – a  weekly mastermind call on Personal Empowerment, – The Topic was who is your Guru.

As a Life Coach and work shop facilitator for over a decade the concept of Guru has been an inner question that I have carried for some time. From my own journey of self discovery and healing I have passionately resisted anyone or anything outside of myself telling me they know better about me than I know of myself – this is such a disempowering place to come from and a miss use of power. That has guided me to be a coach or facilitator that merely reflects a perspective back to the client and creates a safe environment for them to mastermind their thoughts ( much like our safe harbour community) so as to uncover their own answers, I have always felt it a great privilege.

There have been times in my life that I have not had the mastery over my thoughts and become confused and having someone to hash out some options with has been very helpful. The issue, I believe is dependency – and as a professional it is my responsibility to not set that up from the beginning –  I love the quote “ give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, show him how to fish and he will eat for a life time”.

I  have attended many personal development seminars, retreats and read umpteen self growth books and the game changer for me has been The format of an online program that I  work with for 15 or so minutes most days for the past 4 years  which has assisted me to break down my learning into bite size pieces – I have all the space I need to process, change and implement what I discover for myself along with our weekly mastermind calls and our safe harbour community I have authentically and lastingly evolved myself ( ongoing – of course)

Guru is a Sanskrit word which means:

Gu denotes the spiritual ignorance that most of humankind is in.
Ru represents the radiance of spiritual knowledge that dispels the spiritual ignorance.

In short, the Guru is the One who dispels the darkness of spiritual ignorance in humanity and bestows upon them spiritual experiences and spiritual knowledge.

It is our thirst for understanding and knowledge of ourselves that has led us on this wonderful journey. I am delighted and so grateful to share my thoughts and point of you with you the reader, may it light up your Guru ( your higher self).

Who is your Guru?


4 thoughts on “Being Your Own Guru –

  1. Great post, Kym.
    It is said, ‘A Guru or teacher will manifest when the student is ready’. Of course, this can be a teacher in any sphere of life, and even a child. And it depends on the student’s level of readiness.
    The Guru can be external initially. But every Master will guide students to ‘go within’. For all that we look for is within – happiness, wisdom, Bliss, et al. And one sure way to connect with the inner Self is through regular, disciplined, sincere, simple meditation.

    1. Subash,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I was just thinking also about my 3 children and how much they teach me, so I agree teachers come In many forms. I also strongly agree with you about meditation, I have meditated daily for over 15 years and this practise shifted my life in a wonderful way. I value your words, thank you.

  2. I have enjoyed the comments of both Subash and Kym and I believe there is a guru residing in all of us waiting to kick in at the appropriate opportunity. I had responsibility for assessment of the long-tern unemployed under the UK government’s employment training programme in the 80s. I noticed that during the end of programme counselling sessions, a number of trainees usually broke down in tears. When I probed to find out what the problems were, I was almost always left in bewilderment because I could not believe that they considered what they told me to be problems. Whilst debriefing myself one afternoon after a counselling session, it just hit me that each person had a different problem threshold and that I needed to educate myself to develop the required awareness before I could be adequately supportive. I immediately enrolled on a professional counselling course and it proved to be my own ‘salvation’. My attitudes and perceptions changed and opened avenues for doing more involved programmes for business and industry.

    1. Dr, You raise a wonderful point – self education is an empowered way of life and certainly to assist ourselves in service to others it is a necessary choice. My own self growth is part of my daily ritual, one that I see continuing for the rest of my life. Thank you for taking the time to add your point of view.

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