Success is like baking a cake.

I was sharing recently on a training call that it is important for us when creating success to know what our own individual components of success are and how we function on a day to day basis and how this will either take us closer or further away from achieving our goals and creating the life we truly desire.


To make this point I shared the analogy of baking a cake – in my former life as a commercial cake baker i know that  to create a successful cake I must not only have all the correct ingredients but to know how much and when to add each component is crucial.

I shared that when baking a meringue style torte – success or failure depends on getting the egg whites to the right point of aeration ( strong foundation) before adding the sugar, if it is added to early the structure of the egg white will collapse under the weight of the sugar. side note for all you cooks – stiff peak means you can turn the bowl upside down and the egg whites stay put – that is the point to begin adding the sugar slowly.

This is true of creating success in all areas of our life. How you function on a daily basis is what will build confidence and ultimately assist in achieving your goals.

Here is my daily success recipe:

* work on my self – journaling – goal setting – personal development.- meditation

* work on my body – yoga, exercise, eat well.

* work on my mind – listen to and read inspiring stories – surround myself with successful people

* work on my craft – educate myself – test and measure – research

* work on my business – share my offerings, coach and mentor others.

* expand my heart – be grateful for all I have and all that I am creating, have fun, spend time with those that I love and doing the work that brings me joy.

This last point is so often left out of peoples Method of operation and as a strong believer in the Law of attention – what we focus on we get more of – it is vital to living a successful life.

What ingredients are using to create your delicious life?


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