Leadership–is simply being you.

I have heard it said that often leadership is confused as being tyranny.


I got to thinking why is it so challenging to simply be who we are and follow our heart and honour those who resonate with us and give no energy to those who don’t.

I go back to my childhood and the information that I was surrounded with as a child – such as – fit in –be a good little girl, children should be seen and not heard, learn these answers and then when we test you the more you can remember and get right the more intelligent you are and therefore the more likely you are to succeed. Ahhhh – no wonder when we dare to be different because we simply cant stand to fit into a box it feels suffocating and we can feel as if we are not succeeding.

Fortunately times are a changing and there are wonderful options for schooling our children in a more creative, think for yourself kind of way and technology has created us so many new options for earning a living.

I believe an authentic leader is someone who is being true to themselves – their beliefs – values and passions and they live by these.


Having a North Star, words that I live by is a wonderful way to ensure I am staying on track – true to me and true to my path.

What is your North Star ?


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