Favourite Cuppa with Mum – Orange Pekoe


With mothers day approaching I have been pondering my favourite cup of tea moment with my mum. My mum was a big tea lover – never would an event occur in our lives that a good brew didn’t emerge. My mum was a traditional English breakfast, prince of wales or her special favourite Orange Pekoe. She only ever drank from fine bone china cups, usually Royal albert, to mum a cup of tea was a sense of occasion.

My favourite memory was many years back when I first became a mother and I lived in the city and ran a busy restaurant and my mum and step dad would come and collect my brand new baby girl and I and take us to the country, were they lived and pamper us for a few days at a time. I remember it was late Autumn in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, the days were lovely but the early mornings were very fresh. I would wake to feed Elly ( my daughter) in the early hours of the morning and I would come out to sit by the fire, which my step dad had stoked up and my mum would be waiting with a cup of tea, not many words were exchanged, though the love and nurturance were clearly communicated in that beautiful warm cup of tea.

Do you have a favourite cup of Tea moment with your mum?


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