I don’t deserve it –


So many people want success yet despite their efforts it seems to elude them. Why is this?

Limiting beliefs – many many people carry the underlying belief that they are not worthy.Where does this come from? The years of listening to a model of the world that says hard work is only rewarded with small incomes. to want more than that is greedy.

We are living in a new millennium, a time that small thinking is out dated and minimising what is possible for each and everyone of us. We must let go of the thoughts around punishment if we don’t do something perfectly, and that we are here on earth to live a mediocre life. This is past and out-dated thinking. Now is the time to listen to your heart and go after your dreams.

We live in a time in consciousness that we are guided to do what we love, follow our bliss and believe that what we desire also desires us. Its time to tap back into your dreams, to follow your heart and live abundantly. It will take work and it will take effort and you will meet with adversity, it is the law of how it works, you have to believe in your dreams as they are the messages from your higher self guiding you to living your purpose. Your part is to find the courage to step out and live your dreams. We must silence that inner voice that says “ don’t be silly – you cant be,do or have that” and instead listen the tiny voice that says “ YES you can”.

Are you ready?


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