The Best Is Yet To Come. –

Its new years eve here in Australia and I am well into my yearly ritual of review and renew.

I start my process a few days before new years eve where I reflect on the year past,

I journal and share verbally with a friend about the challenges, the highlights and                                                                                          images[6] (2)

what people and events or even moments touched me through out the year.

As I go through this reflection I take note of the people or situations that still

have some emotional charge, this tells me I am still holding some emotion around it.

A a way of freeing myself from holding on to any emotion, I participate in a practice

that I have found to be very powerful and freeing.

The letter of Forgiveness.

Write a letter to the person or about a particular event, write freely and unedited ( no one is going to read this) , write until you feel completely emptied out and there is no more charge left. Usually what I find is forgiveness naturally surfaces for the person. If you are unable to forgive, there may be more to write. N.B this is not in any way saying “ what you did was ok” , it is saying “ I no longer choose to have this effect me”. Once you are able to write “ I forgive you……” you know you have let go.

Once all my letters are written, I then write a letter of forgiveness for myself, forgiving myself for the unkind words or thoughts, behaviours, decisions I wasn’t happy about, whatever is relevant, write it all down.

This evening as I take time out to enjoy my surroundings, ( before midnight) I burn the letters and release all that old emotion with it. This leaves me free to allow the new in to my life.

New Years Day is when I commit my 2014 goals to paper and I declare them by sharing them with  a friend.

Since beginning this process about 5 years ago, I notice that each year I am achieving more of what I truly desire and I am ticking more and more items off my bucket list.

How do you honour the end of your year and welcome the new?


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