My Soul’s Journey.

Today I am heading home after a 4 month Journey that I had no idea I was taking.inspiring_rumi_quotation_about_travel_and_journeys_napkin-r0c527a4a64b44fd381aec76abab53f1e_2cf00_8byvr_324[1]

You may recall from earlier posts that 4 months ago I packed up my belongings and set off with a few possession and my youngest son and headed to the mountains. We had planned to relocate there for a year. What I didn’t know was my soul/ destiny/universe had different plans for me.

My part in all of this was the decision that I made to “trust” in the process and see what I would discover. I have travelled almost all of the entire East coast of Australia from Cook Town ( up the top) right down to Victoria. I have been the recipient of enormous generosity and untold gifts.

I have met myself in different situations and gotten to witness who I am within new and unusual environments. I have had the opportunity to look at my judgements, my prejudices, my limiting thoughts, I have pushed through discomfort and I have experienced breathtaking scenery.I have visited places (both outwardly and inwardly) that I had not experienced before.

I am flying back to Sydney today from Melbourne, ready to settle into a new apartment and I am overwhelmed with a feeling of humility and gratitude. My head would not have planned this journey, however I am so blessed that my soul did.

Apart from what I have learned about myself, my feeling, my behaviours, my responses, I have come to know quite solidly that there is a co creating process going on. There is my human responsibility to live and plan my life according to what I believe and there is another element that is dancing with me – guiding me – nudging me to fore fill my souls journey, my destiny.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude, tenderness and love.


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