Why Don’t People Help Themselves?

I was talking with a lady the other day who was sharing her story about being her husbands carer and how tough things were and how she wanted to create different results, when I asked her was she willing to take a forward step she could only tell me why she couldn’t. I put the phone down after wishing her well and I was actually moved to tears. I have spoken to hundreds of people and I wondered why I was so effected by this lady. I concluded that she triggered a part in me that was sad that some people just wont help themselves. It doesn’t matter if its what I have to offer or not, but why wont people themselves? I know its the limitations in thinking that prevent someone taking responsibility for their life and turning it around but what makes some do it and some not? Is it destiny? is it a switch that gets flipped by someone or something that says “ there has to be a better way”.

I know for me I have always had a quiet knowing that I am the captain of my life, I have not always lived that way and have at times acted like a victim of my circumstances however I have not stayed in my pity party for long and personal development has always been my perspective shifter and I am very grateful for that.

I guess the saying “ If your not growing, your dyeing is true and perhaps that is why I felt sad for the lady who couldn’t see a way out.

Why Don’t People Help Themselves?


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