Beyond Fear– A Beautiful Life Awaits

Last weekend I attended a work training event. This event is held at the same time each year and this was the 4th time I have attended this particular event. What I love about showing up to eth[8] (2)vents like these is that I get to experience who I am being and how much growth I have had both personally and professionally.

When I joined this Positive Media Company, 3 and half years ago I was somewhat lost, I considered myself broken. I had just been released from an almost soul destroying marriage and my self confidence had been shattered. I put out a pray ( more like a command) for help and it came in the form of an online study program that assisted me to put myself back together in a way I could not have dreamed possible. My experiences had me withdraw from life. To the outside world this wasn’t evident as a was carrying on my duties as wife, business owner, mother , daughter etc. however apart from my 3 children the joy and fun had gone and had been replaced with  fear. Through working gently and consistently with our online program I have stared down many of my fears, healed my wounds ( or well on the way), forgiven myself and those who I perceived wronged me and I am living purposefully.

It was at the training event that I realised just how far I had come and I celebrated this victory quietly to myself with a deep feeling of triumph and gratitude. I felt moved to share my story in the hope it may assist others. 

I encourage anyone who is living anything other than a joyful life to look within, us self help books,  seminars or, online programs, there are many choices out there.

You truly can go Beyond Fear.

The beauty Awaits You.

Abundant Blessings,



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