Who Are You Really?

Are you a Human having a spiritual experience,

are you just a human, or are you a spiritual being having a human experience?imagesCAKLVUIX

I have long thought that I am the latter “ A spiritual Being Having A Human Experience”. It wasn’t till recently that I wanted a deeper understanding of what this really meant, felt like for me.

Whilst listening to the fabulous audio book “ The Calm Before The Storm” by Neale Donald Walsch, he poses some deep and wonderful questions that sent me down a path of really wanting to know for myself what I felt my answer was to “ who am I really”.

I have studied many philosophies over my half century or so on this earth, some of these are, Anthroposophy, Buddhism, The Goddess, Paganism,& Christianity and I have also done extensive personal development through many many teachers. What I have discovered is that pretty much the message is the same, just dressed differently. I have however noticed that slight wince when someone mentions GOD in a way that God is a power outside of themselves, now that could be my misinterpretation of course.

So here’s what I think/feel – and by no means do I intend that you must take this on for yourself –

I feel there is a great source of energy that vibrates at a higher rate than our earth, I am a piece of that energy, ( like a drop from the ocean) living for a time in this human body.

In my human experience I can  forget that I am part of this powerful energy source and I do  feel that is part of our human mission – to re-member that we are all powerful, that we have the means, resources, ability to be create our version of heaven on earth and by so doing we show others so that they too will re-member.

So I pose the question to you – Who Are You Really?  


4 thoughts on “Who Are You Really?

  1. I struggle with defining this for myself. I like how you say it that the higher power is a great source of energy that vibrates at a higher rate than our earth.

    But it is really fulfilling to keep exploring this isn`t it.

    1. Kelly – I am glad this post has created food for thought for you. The higher vibration is why we feel uplifted and inspired when we are being who we love and doing what we love. I am loving your posts – thank you for your inspiration.

  2. This is an excellent post.

    We are all but beads of energy woven in a very long necklace with a single string. (Beads = Soul/spirit and string = energy) We are the creators of our own universe and thus we are GOD. There are over 100 billion GODS ( 7 billions plus humans and then there are other countless lifeforms which could equate to well over 100 billion)on this planet alone. No experience that we have in our daily lives is similar. We may share it with someone, but the meaning or reaction of the interpretation of the experience is different. But we all are connected by the single string of energy.

    This passes through each and every living organism on this planet. Therefore once we learn to look and understand what lies within, we can start understanding what lies outside us in our environment and in the outer universe.

    I say this. ” All answers to the questions that I have lie within me”.

    1. Amit,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful words and perspective, which I love – the necklace analogy is wonderful. It is both overwhelming and comforting knowing, I mean really knowing we are all part of the same. I completely agree – all answers are within. Thank you again, abundant blessings.

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