Transformation–the Bridge to higher consciousness.

What does transformation really mean?


According to the Oxford Dictionary it is” a marked change in form, nature, or appearance”.

For me Transformation is the space between the completion of one phase and the moving into or living into the new phase or level of my life and consciousness.

It is where we consciously make changes to lift ourselves to the next stage in our souls evolution. This occurs when we realise that we can no longer play out our lives as we currently are and we choose to make changes. This maybe changes to our career, our relationships, our diet, our lifestyle or our habits, to honour that calling within. It can feel like we are being pulled in a new direction,  it is a constant inner nudge ( or push) from deep within. We may ignore this for a while however the call gets louder until we relent/ surrender and say ok “ lets do it”. It can be scary, stepping into the unknown and not always knowing exactly what it will look like but if we can let go of the ego chatter and trust and take one step at a time there is great joy awaiting us.

During any transformation I believe it is a time when more than ever we must give ourselves space to “ be” to listen deeply to our souls whispering, it is a time when we must  be discerning who we surround ourselves with, only allowing those that will hold the space with us into our inner circle.

During my own time of transformation I increase my meditation time, I allow myself time to read the books I am guided towards and I spent lots of time in nature to simple enjoy the beauty that nature reflects back at me so I can contemplate and review my journey.

I know that at this time of great consciousness shifting there are many going through such transformation – if this is you – know that we are all doing our part for the highest good for all. I send you much love, light, peace and honouring as we journey forward together as the individual souls, all connected by source.

Abundant Blessings.

Kym Kennedy 


4 thoughts on “Transformation–the Bridge to higher consciousness.

  1. I am a practising numerologist ( I am a student always trying to learn more ), living in India.I am interested in meditation and practising .I am a follower 0f VEDIC PHILOSOPHY

    1. Your article is thought provoking and interesting, giving hints for self development in the path of knowing the SOUL ( BRAHMAM) in its larger perspective.

    2. Thank you for your comments DV Rama, Numerology is a very interesting modality, I wish you ever success. I believe meditation is a vital practise for us all as we continue our journey into greater consciousness. Namaste.

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