Connect To Source – Tame Your Ego


Do you find your fears, anxieties and worries prevent you from feeling that deep inner peace so many of us yearn for? It maybe time to reconnect with source – god, the universe, Allah, Buddha, what ever your version is.

As I continue on my transformational journey I have been delighted by my new teacher Doreen Virtue’s work ( as they say “when the student is ready, the teacher will come), I have been surrounding myself with her work, reading her books, listening to her on Hay House radio and last weekend I saw her live at an I can do it event put on by Hay House. Doreen’s work has been pushing me more and more inwardly, focusing less on the external and more on what is deeply true and authentic for me. By doing this I have been less distracted  by the ego chatter and the controlling expectations of how it is all meant to work out, according to the lower version of myself.

I have a deep desire to make a difference and I know I am being called to be more and offer more though in my egoic impatience I was struggling with life and wanting all the answers now so I could just get on with it.

I have doubled my meditation practise to twice daily, I am making adjustments to my diet and lifestyle and doing daily chakra cleaning, and I have given myself space to simple be, more often than doing. What I have discovered is that with all my preoccupation of focusing on results, I had forgotten my deep connection with source, god/goddess, divine, spirit, they are all the same to me.Of course I was connected but it was more with my head than my heart. By slowing down and allowing this heart connection, which of course was never broken it was simply me allowing my ego to drive my life, the transformation has been profound. The struggle has been replaced with knowingness and peace and a deep love and compassion for myself and others.  I am more clearly hearing and acting on the guidance I am receiving and I am finally trusting life again, something I have not done deeply since I was a young child.

All of us deserve to feel this deep loving connection – and peacefulness – if you are experiencing anxiety and unrest perhaps its time to take the control away from the ego and reignite your  loving connection to (your) source.

Abundant Blessings,



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