Break Free From Poverty Consciousness through Forgiveness.


It has been said that life is a contact sport, only those on the sideline have clean uniforms.

The nature of humanity is that lives jostle against each other, mistakes are made and even good intentions can sometimes lead to unintended results” Taken from our online study course under the topic of the Forgiveness formula.

My own experience of this has been in conjunction with using affirmation as a support tool to making some significant life changes. One of the affirmations I have been guided to use is “ I love and accept myself” and I have been repeating this to myself often over the past little while. As a result of affirming my acceptance of myself some old memories have bubbled to the surface, ones I had not placed any importance on at all.

Through the forgiveness process I was lead to a feeling of guilt that I had held ( unconsciously) ever since my parents separated when I was 12, almost 40 years ago, the moment I shed light on this feeling of guilt and realising I was not responsible for my parents marriage breakdown, I was free, the energy shifted, my heart felt lighter and I got the connection between “lack” of forgiveness and poverty consciousness. When You hold onto something or someone you do so out of lack – when you release and let go you are confirming there is more than enough, enough material wealth and enough love.

It was through affirming and working with forgiveness that I exposed my unconscious poverty consciousness, I was able to bring it into the light, let it go and break free. It is the most divine and wonderful feeling.

Don’t take my word for it and know for yourself.


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